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We all talk about “the culture fit” and it seems to have become the holy grail of hiring. Employers have been talking about it for decades, yet little has changed in the process of how we hire candidates. As hiring managers, we all expect to receive a well-crafted CV, employing keywords designed to arouse our interest and we progress candidates onto the next stage based on the number of keywords we see.

When we then interview these candidates: we ask them a series of behavioural and competency-based questions. As these questions are frequently found in the public domain, anyone with half a brain and sufficient preparation time can memorise their best answers to all the competency-based questions one would ask.

This is one reason I suggest adopting creative CVs, encouraging candidates to give visual cues of what they do outside of work.

I must have read thousands of CVs from CEOs from all levels, and I see little evidence of what they do in their outside lives. This is not necessarily the candidates’ fault but more to do with companies and society, telling us to keep our descriptions of our outside lives to the minimum on CVs,

So, as an experiment, I would encourage you to ask your most important candidates to give visual clues of what they do outside of work when they send their portfolios. From this, you would be able to identify immediately those who match your culture and those who do not.

This would also lead to better conversations at the interview stage, and give candidates the permission to be themselves, rather than a “robot” reeling off memorised answers to the competency-based questions we are currently so reliant on.

Of course, this takes time and effort, and it is why we at spend many hours with candidates identifying their characters outside of work as part of our retained search process. Because when you are hiring a CEO, VP of Product, Head of engineering and other leadership roles, the character, values, perspective, and ethics of the person matters much more than how good they are at the job

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