Stop pi**ing staff off with unexpected overtime

Stop pi**ing staff off with unexpected overtime

As I talked about in my last LinkedIn post, Crypto companies are expanding fast and they cannot get people through the door quick enough. There is a huge shortage of Crypto-related talent and global demand for it just keeps growing.

With that, employees working in the industry are feeling the pressure. Staff are being asked to meet unrealistic deadlines and often feel like they are performing multiple roles.

This is leading to churn. Staff turnover at Crypto firms is at an all-time high – and poor employee retention is adding to hiring struggles for companies across the globe.

“The Candidate is king”

  1. Be honest at interviews
    If overtime is not really overtime and just a regular part of the job at your firm – then you have to convey that to candidates at interview.
    Time and time again, I see candidates leaving jobs because there’s been a total mismatch over expectations for time spent working.
    Some people will be happy to put in long hours and be available around the clock. Some people will not.
  2. Be realistic
    I’ve seen a number of startups where the founder expects their employees to work as hard as they do – and that is often unrealistic…
    I’ve also seen companies struggle to distinguish between “performance” and “overtime” – long hours do not = performance.
  3. Communicate your vision
    What are your company’s long-term objectives? What is it you are setting out to achieve? What are you ultimately asking your employees to help you accomplish?
    If you want people to fully commit to your organization, then you have to give them a reason. You have to sell them your vision and their role within that.
    People want to feel like they’re a part of something bigger – and they want to work for companies that have a clear view of where they are going.

How helps

At, we work with clients as strategic talent partners – working with them hand in hand to devise recruitment and selection plans, interview processes, retention strategies and employer brand propositions.

We also work with companies to help them identify the attributes and qualities in their ideal candidates and map that to their interview process.

Stay tuned for my next article coming out in a couple of weeks about hiring in Crypto. If you have any queries, contact me at

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