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With thirty plus years combined experience in executive search, tech, sales, and other sectors, like you, we leveraged our experience in Web2 to build our company in 2019. Since that time, we have hired high-flying CEOs for Web 3 wealth funds, advisors for government-backed organisations and recruited hundreds of other staff varying from mid-to-junior level. Our ethos is simple: treat people with respect – quality is more important than quantity. If this resonates with you? Then you are in the right place.

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Trusted by prestigious football clubs like PSG and over fifty-plus other web3 companies around the world, we have hired for every single Web3 role that exists in today’s world . We have supported 1 person start-up to hire their first employee to 5000 people plus company to hire many staff. We have a global network of recruiters, so whether you are in Canada, Dubai, Singapore, or the UK, we can work in parallel to your needs and time zones. We stay true to our values and avoid engaging in negative competition and running after fees, as we believe these outlooks contribute to high staff turnover and undermine results.


Trusted by the leading global companies

This month Featured Client Story – Retained Search
PSG football Club : Revenue: 542 million Euros :

The most significant development we’ve seen in our Crypto world recently is the movement of many Web2 giants from sports, media and luxury retail embracing Web 3. Be it Metaverse, DeFi, or CeFi; we see many big Web 2 companies moving into this space.

After being initially contacted by beIN media group (who own the PSG Football Club in Paris) – we successfully completed a very complex brief and a role.

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  • “Sam is one of those rare recruiters you know you can go to for those complex or important roles. He’s a solid guy who has a proven track record placing good people for me. He’s worked with us at Smart over the years and seen our business grow and helped us find the right talent along the way. A mome See more

    Sam Barton

    CTO and Group Technology Lead at Smart Pension

  • “I am a Legal and Compliance Director of a Global Financial Powerhouse tasked with assisting in a number of Legal and Compliance roles. Sam was instrumental in introducing me to this role and securing it on my behalf. If you are looking for a capable, advise driven headhunter in the Legal and Compliance space I would highly recommend Sam for any organisation. See lesscustomer

    Georgette Adonis-Roberts

    Associate Director-Legal and Compliance | Barrister | Legal Consultant | Crypto Currency

  • “In a world where the right candidate is a often hard to find, we have found Sam helps make that process significantly easier. Despite advertising in multiple locations I have found that Sam always seems to be the one coming up with the people we want to hire, and always vets and filters out unsuitable cand… See morecustomer

    Ross Letham

    20 years experience within the Financial, Media and Telecommunication industries. Currently deploying the latest security and compliance software.

  • “In my work, I have to deal with many recruiters, and in my experience, there are some good recruiters, but only a few are great. Sam is one of them. Sam will go above and beyond to research the market for the right people when you need them, plus accommodate any timelines or intricacies to get the interviews done. I’ve worked with Sam for hiring some of the best people in our company, from within the UK and overseas. From a Fintech’s perspective, Sam and his office are a must-have in your search for the right talents, and a pleasure to work with him at all times.”


    Marios Mamzeris

    Chief Operations Officer & Blockchain Director at Confidential client

  • “There are still few comms professionals in the crypto space and, as such, we tend to get hounded by recruiters quite aggressively, with a one-size-fits-all approach. Though flattering to an extent, this can be quite unpleasant. Sam and his team do things differently. It was all about dialogue, about matching my needs, expectations, priorities and personality with those of the team that I’m currently working with and absolutely adore. A perfectly tailored service, with no pressure, no FOMO tactics, full transparency, updates every step of the way. They worked as much for me as for their client and I could not recommend them highly enough. This is a sustainable way to recruit and one that will no doubt help cement their reputation as leaders in the competitive field that tech and blockchain recruitment is.”


    Mia Agova

    Head of Comms at DappRadar

  • “I’ve worked with Sam on a number of occasions to source great talent at speed. Sam and his team have great depth of knowledge in the NFT and Blockchain space and I would recommend him and his team for those looking to staff up in this area.”


    Pierre Dadd

    Marketing Director at Terra Virtua

  • “Sam is a very good communicator, hardworking and extremely good at solving problems. He gets to the bottom of every issue that he faces and finds quick solutions cleverly and on time. I appreciated his recruitment expertise in finding me the Global Head of HR role in London at a Crypto exchange. Since accepting the role, I worked closely with him and his team who helped us recruit over 60 staff globally within a matter of months. He is always very responsive both in and outside working hours, even at weekends, and his work ethic helped up to solve our staffing issues in a rapidly evolving, fast pace industry. I would recommend him to any organisation within the Crypto space looking to hire tech and non-tech candidates at scale.”


    Ilknur Tas

    Global Head of HR

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