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WorkInCrypto is led by Sam Wellalage, a global thought leader and public speaker in the Crypto Talent Acquisition space. He speaks at many international crypto events reaching audiences of over two hundred thousand people.

We believe hiring talent is a science, and we have over thirty years of experience in the field to back this up. We’ve also learnt that no two people are alike, and a bespoke individual approach underpins our approach to research, selling and interview skills to secure the right individual for the right post. As a global web3 recruitment firm, we also understand and respect different cultures and ways of doing business in different countries. The way you do business in East Asia is different from in Dubai. Therefore, our global team is international and works across all the world’s continents:  from all parts of Asia to the US, including the UK and EU.

We spend a lot of in-person time in the Crypto, Defi and Blockchain communities, and you will often find us at major Crypto conferences talking to five-hundred-plus people in one day. This embeds us in the community and helps us understand your Crypto identity. Therefore, you can be as technical as you want and talk to us about your Nodes, DAOs, DAPPS, DeFi, DLTs, Proof of work, Layer 1 or Layer 2, and we will understand you. We are equally capable of talking about your business strategy, MVPs, or other areas of important business: we will always understand.

We are trusted by world-famous football clubs, government-owned entities, billion-dollar hedge funds, and over fifty-plus web3 companies around the world.

Our Charitable efforts:


Wealth distribution to the underprivileged is one of our core values, and we take social responsibility and diversity very seriously. As a sign of this commitment, our founder, Sam, pledges ten per cent of our business profit to underprivileged children in South Asia. He grew up in Sri Lanka in straightened circumstances and uses his journey to the top to inspire underprivileged children. “Untapped Future” is a registered charity in Sri Lanka under the Sri Lankan government.

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About WorkInCrypto

Trusted by world famous football clubs, wealth funds and over fifty-plus Web3 start-ups to hire Crypto/Blockchain talent around the globe.

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