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What is a “trend”? Well, a trend is a phenomenon that is hip or popular at a given time: this is what is happening right now, in the Crypto and Blockchain talent space.

So much so, that we can say that it is officially a trend for VCs to fund crypto start-ups. In fact, if a VC fund in Silicon Valley, Zurich, or London, has not got any crypto companies in their portfolios, they know they are behind the trend and losing out on potential rewards. This explains why in 2021, we saw over $32 billion worth of VC funding going into crypto start-ups and there’s no sign of this development declining.

With that sort of money and backing, it is easy to attract the absolute best talent, frequently found working at the well-known web 2.0 companies such as Google, Amazon, Facebook, and Twitter. The rate at which Silicon Valley employees are ditching their web 2.0 jobs to “web 3.0” is truly astonishing! Having spent a large amount of time talking to engineers in the field – I can validate this. This has now become the most trending thing in the crypto talent world. As a further testament to this, a couple of days ago we compelled a retained engineering search and were impressed by the number of well-paid engineers who have already moved to or are considering moving to Crypto start-ups.

An additional trend is that employees no longer want payment in flat, preferring crypto instead. This has been the case for some time within the blockchain developers’ community, but we are now seeing companies rolling these out, not just to employees, but with senior executives: with USDT and USDC as their preferred digital currency of payment.

You might wonder if this trend is short-lived or a just bubble? However, the evidence suggests this is not just a passing phrase. There are companies out there who are building amazing infrastructure that will transform the way we finance, compute, and socialise. These are the companies that excite me the most.

So, in today’s article, I want to give a shoutout to DFINITY who are building some amazing tools that I’m already using and can, therefore, definitely recommend.

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