PSG case study

The most significant development we’ve seen in our Crypto world recently is the movement of many Web2 giants from sports, media and luxury retail embracing Web 3. Be it Metaverse, DeFi, or CeFi; we are seeing many big Web 2 companies moving into this space.

After being initially contacted by beIN media group (who own the PSG Football Club in Paris) and going through a rigorous selection process, they retained us for their first Web3 employee search.

The task and role:

beIN media came to us looking to hire a Crypto/Web 3/Metaverse expert who could advise them on all aspects of Web3.

In recruitment, clarity is everything! The key to any successful hire in the executive search space is to have a clear and concise brief which can be further scrutinised based on the objectives of the hirer. So, we dug deep to learn more about the role and type of person PSG/beIN was looking for. We then crafted and agreed upon a job description and created a project timeline so everyone could experience a smooth process from start to finish. As consultants, it is our job to draw a clear picture of the profile clients are after. The clearer the profile interviewers have in their minds, and it is written on paper, the easier for them to make hiring decisions. Our job is to make their life easier but putting the proper fundamentals in place.

The Search:

Our team looked at over eight hundred candidate profiles, from which a hundred candidates were selected. From there, we narrowed it down to thirty profiles who fit the agreed brief and contacted them for an initial conversation. Each candidate had two rounds of interviews, one with research staff and the other with our founder, Sam. We standardised the recruitment process further by having five competency-based questions each candidate had to answer in-depth.


Speaking to thirty candidates equated to sixty hours on google hangout – the equivalent of almost three days of face-to-face interviews. This led to identifying twelve profiles sent to the client to be considered. Out of the twelve candidates, the client selected one candidate as their first web3 employee.

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