Inhouse Growth Case study: Global asset manager: £12 Billion under management


The Challenge
Crypto is a challenging market to hire within. Talent has yet to keep pace with the rise of blockchain technology and the jobs it has created.

More and more crypto firms are starting to fight over an already small pool of candidates with the same objective: to scale fast.

The first hires for any company are critical to success. When those hires don’t go to plan, it impacts growth.

We recently partnered with a trading application to build their teams from the ground up and to kick-start the company’s ambitious growth plans.

They urgently needed to bring in the right people to help the business scale and grow with it.

The project:

Before any recruitment began, we spent time working closely with the CEO to build an understanding of the company’s vision and its short, medium, and long-term goals. Initially, there was nothing to start with. However, we worked together to refine what roles needed to be hired initially.

That gave us an understanding of the skillsets required most urgently and the profile of talent that the firm would need to be successful – people who are well-versed in start-up life, able to adapt quickly, and happy to get stuck into whatever needs tackling. We hired their first employee, experienced in building a crypto exchange from scratch. For this role, we looked at both tech and commercial experience.



Within 6 months of the project, we hired 60 people across London and Australia
We hired other essential staff such as:
·Head of HR
·Director of Crypto Compliance
·Director of Customer Services

How we helped them to scale up from there:

We looked at the critical hires for each department, and Tech was one of the main ones. We delivered on Blockchain Architect, Head of DevOps, Smart Contract developers, Project and product managers, UX UI Designers etc. While successfully delivering on these tech roles, we also worked on Compliance, KYC, Financial Crime, Transaction Monitoring and Ops team.


What was the approach, and why was it successful:

From the onset of our conversation with the CEO, we wanted to work closely with the CEO and the team we were building. Being an exclusive partner helps us to become a part of the company culture and its ethos. As exclusive partners, we felt accountable for the work we do. We believe in clarifying, planning and strategising before we do any recruitment. This is the most fundamental principle we follow before we begin any recruitment process. Having done so, the actual hiring becomes much more easier.

Building a company requires an excellent recruitment strategy with access to crucial recruitment partners in the Crypto world. We are very well connected in the crypto world and continue to build our network. It would be beneficial to have us included in your recruitment strategy to gain long-term gains against your competitors.

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