Case Study


The challenge:

Crypto is a challenging market to hire within. Talent has not kept pace with the rise of blockchain technology and the jobs it has created. More and more crypto firms are starting up and fighting over an already small pool of candidates – all with the same objective: to scale fast.

The first hires for any company are critical to success. When those hires don’t go to plan, it impacts growth. We recently partnered with a trading application to build their teams from the ground up and to kick-start the company’s ambitious growth plans. They had an urgent need to bring in the right people to help the business scale and to grow with it.


The project:

Before any recruitment began, we spent time working closely with the founder to build an understanding of the company’s vision, and its short, medium, and long-term goals.

That gave us an understanding of the skillsets required most urgently, and the profile of talent that the firm would need to be successful – people who are well-versed in start-up life, able to adapt quickly, and happy to get stuck into whatever needs tackling.

We then leveraged our extensive network of candidates built up through over 10 years in business, to recruit across a range of roles: Software Engineering and AI, Infrastructure and DevOps, Marketing and Design, Customer Service, Compliance, Sales and Trading, and C-suite.


The results: 

We hired 70 people across Australia, the UK, and the US in just 6 months. 60% of the hires we made had previous crypto/blockchain experience. Many of the candidates we placed were referred to us by crypto candidates within our existing network.

As well as helping the Dapp find the right people for their business, we also worked with them to put the right procedures in place to lay the foundations for an effective, fast-growing workforce. Today, the company is over 200-people strong and continues to grow quickly.


Can we help you?

We work with crypto companies of all shapes and sizes – helping them find the right people for their business. We help established organisations find the right people to fit their company culture, and we help start-ups to define theirs’, by building teams from the ground up and helping to implement an employer brand.

When you work with us, we make it our mission to help you grow. We take the time to understand your vision and we help you execute it. We act as your internal recruiter, your employer brand consultant, market advisor, and support you however else you may need.

So, why not lean on our expertise and network of crypto talent? We can provide you with a shortlist of candidates quickly – after a detailed discussion about your needs.

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