Blockchain and Web3: Unlock the Key Differences

Hey, do you want to expand your business through Web3 or Blockchain? Then, you need to take a look at today’s blog. You will definitely find it helpful!

Web3 and Blockchain– These two terms have created a buzz across the tech industry. Both technologies have brought a revolution in our ways of working, interacting and living. That’s why most entrepreneurs are taking an interest in these technologies to open new doors for their businesses. No wonder Web3 and Blockchain recruitment platforms are booming!

But, there are some differences between these two technologies. You need to have a clear idea to eliminate the confusion. In today’s blog, we are going to discuss that! Let’s get started. 

What Are Blockchain and Web3? Where Do their Differences Lie?

Since these two technologies have brought revolutionary changes in the way of interacting and working, investing in Blockchain or Web3 for business expansion is a great idea! But before that, have a clear idea of the differences between Web3 and Blockchain.

Let’s start with the basics of Blockchain!


Blockchain is a ledger technology that allows tamper-proof, secure and transparent transaction records. After verifications, the transactions are recorded on a decentralised network using a network of nodes. Yet, you can eliminate the need for a central authority!

Now, how does Blockchain work? Well, this technology builds a block of transactions after verifying them by nodes on the decentralised network and then adds the block to the chain of blocks where a permanent transaction record forms. Once the block is added, no one can delete or alter records since every block here is connected with the previous one, containing an innovative cryptographic hash. Moreover, transactions are encrypted in Blockchain, making it challenging to manipulate or hack!

However, the Blockchain transaction process is quite slow, while consuming high energy due to the complicated computation used for the verification procedure. And, since this technology is difficult to understand for a non-technical user, you need someone right fit for your Blockchain head. 

And, it’s the time when you need to connect with Blockchain recruiters for Blockchain executive search to find the best talent!


Now, let’s talk about Web3, the next generation of the internet, also known as Web 3.0.

With Web3, you can have better control over your digital identities and data using decentralised applications (dApps), running on a decentralised network. Here, you can interact directly with others and the applications with no need for an intermediary! 

Web3 platform also uses Blockchain technology to ensure security, immutability and security of users. It enables a more fair and democratic network with power distribution not among just some tech giants but users. With the new forms of business models and decentralised applications, Web3 opens new doors for entrepreneurs and developers to opportunities. 

However, like Blockchain, Web3 also comes with not just limited scalability and slow speed but complexity, where you need Web3 talent skills and technical knowledge to develop dApps and use them. And, if you need expert help to find one, a Web3 recruitment agency is the right place to reach out to headhunters!

Differences Between Blockchain and Web3 Found Out

Now, since we have explored the basics of Blockchain and Web3, we can find the key differences lie in:

  • Level of centralisation, where Web3 creates a more decentralised web with control over digital identities and data than Blockchain that operates on a decentralised network to verify and record using a network of nodes
  • Blockchain enables transparent recording transactions, whereas Web3 allows interactions between users and applications in a more decentralised and democratic way.
  • Web3 enables the use and development of dApps, while Blockchain is more connected with cryptocurrency, such as Bitcoin. 

Bottom Line

We hope you understand the differences between Web3 and Blockchain. Now, if you are planning to expand your business through these two platforms or already running a Web3 or Blockchain company and looking for the right fit for the Web3 and Blockchain head, count on WorkInCrypto. We headhunt and proactively contact the right talent from our network of Blockchain and Web3 candidates. We also reach out to those not seeking new job opportunities actively. Our team of researchers are well-equipped and experienced in Web3 and Blockchain executive search across several continents.

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