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As for, We are a passionate bunch of Crypto enthusiasts led by Sam Wellalage, a global thought leader in the Crypto Talent Acquisition space.  Our core team combined has more than fifty years of experience in the talent acquisition field, and we bring this unrivalled experience to your organisation when we work with you.

We have Crypto, Defi, Blockchain, NFT and protocol knowledge both from the technical and commercial perspective; meaning, we can both understand and talk to a crypto native and non-crypto native audience with equal ease.

We invest in our people because it directly impacts on the quality of the service we provide and we conduct several weekly and monthly training sessions in key areas such as Talent Acquisition, Communication, and Crypto.

About WorkInCrypto, when you speak to us, you know you are speaking to an expert group of head-hunters who know their market inside out.


Some companies are new to the Crypto, Defi, NFT and Blockchain world: but when they partner with us, we help them to understand the whole ecosystem of Crypto, alongside designing profiles that match their business. By combining our fifty-years plus recruitment experience and wealth of knowledge in Crypto, we can provide comprehensive guidance on recruitment and retention strategies for your company.

We are a phenomenally successful bunch with a growing client list from billionaires to Government backed funds, to the fastest growing start-ups. Having dealt with high profile individuals and clients, we can assure you that we have an unparalleled advantage, in both skills and knowledge, enabling us to operate at the highest level.


Our charitable efforts:

Wealth distribution to the underprivileged, is one of our core values and we take social responsibility and diversity very seriously. As a sign of this commitment, our founder, Sam, pledges ten per cent of our business profit to underprivileged children in South Asia. He grew up in Sri Lanka in straightened circumstances and uses his journey to the top to inspire under-privileged children

About WorkInCrypto

Recruiting for jobs and organisations in the crypto, blockchain DeFi (Decentralised finaince), DApp (Decentrlised App), Fiat coin, Stable coin and Fluctuating coin sector.

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